“Road Opener” as a distinct class of spell is an addition to the body of traditional Conjure imported from Afro-Caribbean religion. In Latin American folk magic the main herb component is Abre Camino, literally Spanish for “Road Opener” (and may refer to one of a few different herbs) but as the idea of road opening magic has spread many have created formulas using their own herbal allies giving the Modern Conjurer quite a diverse selection from which to choose.

Road Opener is often grouped with cleansing spells, such as Uncrossing, but it actually serves a more precise purpose. While most cleansing spells focus on clearing away obstacles and blockages from an individual or location, a Road Opener spell focuses on those obstacles that stand in the way of a particular goal and clear them away, thus leaving one’s path or “road”, clean, clear, and “open”.

Another aspect of the Road Opener that makes it different form other types of cleansing spells is that it also is a spell that invokes a certain level of guidance. A good Road Opener spell will shine a symbolic light upon one’s path; illuminating that road making whatever obstacles might be there visible so they can be better navigated, as well as allow one to see opportunities that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

And finally, a Road Opener spell is also one of motion, propelling one down the path toward the desired goal. The road is clear… the engine’s ready… the light is green… and that means GO! Feel the sun on your face… the wind in your hair… you’re on your way to a better tomorrow.

Items needed:
Road Opener candle (or an orange candle aligned to this purpose)
Road Opener Oil (or an herb/oil mixture containing ingredients such as: Abre Camino, Quassia Bark, Lemongrass, Pine, etc.)
Road Opener Bath Salts (or sea salt mixed with the herbs/oils listed above)
7 small stones of any variety
A small piece of parchment or other paper
A small fire-safe container, such as a cauldron or ashtray

Dress your candle with the oil and pray for all your obstacles to be removed from your path. Contemplate each one and write them down on the paper. (If you are not aware of what specific obstacles block you, then simply write “All obstacles, blocks, and negative energies, conscious or unconscious.”) Fold the paper and place in front of the candle.

Dress each of the 7 stones with Road Opener oil and then arrange them so that they form a small “road” leading from you to the candle, with three on one side, three on the other and the final stone in the “middle” right up against the candle on top of the folded paper.

Sprinkle a handful of the bath salts on your working area around the candle but especially in the middle of this “road” and imagine that the salt is breaking up all the obstacles there.

Light the candle and say:

“Rising sun and golden rays,
Light upon my path, I pray
Reveal now that which blocks my road
And leave it open, that blessings may be bestowed.”

Take three deep breaths and pick up the paper and light it from the candle flame. As it burns, toss it into your fire-safe container. Allow the candle to burn until completely out. (If this is a glass Devotional candle then this will likely take 5-7 days.)

When the candle is finished, go back to your working area and stand before the candle, contemplating the focus of your spell. Now with your hands scoop up the bath salts and the 7 stones and place them along with the ashes of your obstacle paper into the tub as you pray that this mixture clears your path, leaving you fresh, pure, and aligned to your purpose. Enter the water and bathe yourself, taking care to pour water over your head and feeling all your obstacles shedding away from you.

When you are done, drain the tub and scoop up some of the water and whatever remnants of the burnt paper and ashes there may be. Take this outside, along with the 7 stones and throw the mixture at the base of a tree, asking the tree spirit to take away these obstacles from you. Go far away from your place of residence and throw away the 7 stones in different directions with all your might, feeling that these are the final remnants of the obstacles that once blocked you. You are now free to follow your open road of happiness.