The magical name is one of the most powerful tools in Witchcraft. It’s a spell you cast each time you use it, and your moniker helps transform you into thekind of Witch you want to be. With meditation, rituals, journaling, and magic, The Witch’s Name helps you explore your own strengths and weaknesses as you create a magical persona, that part of your deep self that is the root of your magical power.

Storm Faerywolf is the perfect guide through the history and mythology of magical names, sharing fascinating ideas for how animals, plants, astrology, and tarot can help you form your magical identity. You will also learn how to engage numerology and ritual practices to claim the name of your choosing more fully. These tips and techniques will support the naming of a group or coven as well. With twenty-four hands-on exercises and rituals for awakeningyour spirit, cultivating the spiritual impact of your dreams, and developing a unique and powerful personal emblem, this book supports and inspires you to step more fully into our true magical self.

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“The power of the name! In his latest book The Witch’s Name, Storm outlines the journey of discovering one’s true name by telling his story as well as sharing the stories of other witches who have taken on new names. There are plenty of practical exercises for assisting you in protecting yourself with naming and discovering the perfect magickal name that expresses your true essence. Whether you are just beginning your witchy path or are ready for a new chapter in your life, this book will ably guide you, helping you to find the perfect magickal moniker.”

–Madame Pamita,
author of Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft (Llewellyn),
The Book of Candle Magic (Llewellyn),
and Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot (Weiser)

“While Shakespeare questioned “what’s in a name?” Storm Faerywolf deftly takes us on a journey to discover the magic hidden within them. From the magic and significance of names throughout history and in general, to naming as a process of growth and awakening to our deeper identity, this book is sure to have something meaningful for all who are curious about the sacredness of names. It is also an excellent starting point for someone who feels drawn to possibly assuming a magical name.”

–Durgadas Allon Duriel,
author of The Little Work: Magic to Transform Your Everyday Life

“Naming is some of the oldest magick, and it is magick that each of us should personally claim. In this volume, Storm Faerywolf teaches us the liberating power of defining our own identities and why it’s important for us to explore, celebrate, and choose our names.

An essential volume not only for witches and magickal workers but also for anyone doing the work to realize their most authentic selves.”

–M Belanger,
author of Dictionary of Demons
and founder of House Kheperu

“With his book, “The Witch’s Name”, Storm Faerywolf has given to “witchdom”, (and all magic workers) an invaluable tool that no doubt will find its way to the shelves of all witches, covens, traditions, lineages, systems, and solitary practitioners everywhere. It honors the much beloved and deeply sacred use of the “magical” or “hidden name” of the witch with depth, breadth, and sincerity in a way I have never seen before. You see, there are time-honored customs in traditional witchcraft and other magical lineages and practices that, in many ways, reflect the heart and soul of what it means to be an awakened and an actualized witch who has arrived unbound, potent, and strong in the world. The awakening of the witch blood, the return to the hidden family as one of the forged links in the chain of the wise, and the coming forth of the witch through the circle of the wise bring forth a magical being that may be the one who heralds a new era for us all have an outer vessel and capstone – THE WITCH’S NAME. I advise my witches, to become the greatest spell they’ve ever cast upon the world. The process of selecting, conferring, and announcing the name of the newly born witch or self-proclaimed witch, is the capstone of their arrival in the world and the proclamation of this spell. With this book, we now have a potent and authoritative guide in choosing the shape and outcome of this powerful practice. So, witches, name it and claim it- THE WITCH’S NAME!”

–Orion Foxwood,
author of Mountain Conjure and Southern Root Work
and The Flame in the Cauldron