I receive a high volume of messages through email,
social media sites, and good old fashioned snail-mail.
Many of these messages ask the same questions
and so I put together this little FAQ.

If your question is not addressed here then feel free to message me
using either of the methods given below.

Can I arrange some private time to speak with you?

Yes. I book private consultations for a fee. Please refer to my services page for my current list of offerings.

I need your advice or have an issue with which I need your help.

I am unable to provide advice or assistance outside of a private consultation, which I offer to the public as a paid service. Please refer to my services page for my current list of offerings.

Can I have a free session/reading with you?

Sorry, no. This is literally how I make my living. I need to charge for my time, but I do offer a lot of free resources here on my site, as well as on Modern Witch and The Wild Hunt.

Can I take classes with you?

Yes. I offer online classes over at Modern Witch University.

Can you tell me a spell to [fill-in-the-blank]? 

I am unable to recommend spells for you unless we first arrange for a professional consultation. For more information on how to book with me please visit my services page. Keep in mind that authentic magic does nothing to circumvent the laws of nature and so if you are hoping to use magic to bring the dead back to life, or transform you into a werewolf, or change your gender, then you will be bitterly disappointed. (And before you ask: yes, people have asked me these questions before, enough times that I include them here in this FAQ.)

Are you available to present at our festival/convention/event?

From time to time I am available to present workshops and talks at various events. If your event is in person, please know that booking me will require all travel and accommodation expenses to be paid. Please contact me with event details and I will get back to you when I am able.

We’re a small community. Can’t you do our event for free?

No, I can’t. This is my actual job and main source of income. I do this full time and donate where and when I can. I do public events for a fee in order to make sure my family and I can support ourselves.

But shouldn’t spirituality be free?

Maybe, but my time isn’t.

Don’t you know that ‘warlock’ means ‘oath-breaker’?

You mean it used to mean ‘oath-breaker.’ But it hasn’t meant that in 500 years. The Scottish word means a ‘male witch,’ which is the current dictionary definition and how I use it. If the facts leave you unfazed then arguing with me isn’t going to help you. Check out my Warlock page for more.

Where can I follow you on social media?

I am mainly over on Threads, but you can also find me on InstagramFacebook, and Post. (My YouTube and TikTok accounts are nearly empty placeholders. I am NOT on X, formerly Twitter.)

How can I learn more about your work or how I can help support you?

Aren’t you sweet?! You can learn more by reading my blog full of articles and essays, or you can check out my poetry and my art. Check out my list of appearances and interviews, both in print and on podcasts, by visiting my media page. You can help support my work by purchasing my books and leaving a rating/review on sites such as Amazon and GoodReads. (Positive ratings AND reviews really make a huge difference to the success of an author.) You can also follow me on social media and share my posts! Or you can make a purchase from my shop, or you can even buy me dinner, or a drink, or a fancy tea. You will have my sincere gratitude.

If, after reading the above you have a question or concern that is not listed here,
you may email me at storm@faerywolf.com or message me using any of the option buttons below.

Alternatively, you may send snail-mail to:

Storm Faerywolf
c/o Satyr’s Inc.
2730 W Tregallas Rd. #2955
Antioch, CA 94531