Prayers, Invocations, Spells, and more… the poetry of Storm Faerywolf reveals the magickal within the mundane… the spirit within matter… The Stars Within the Earth.

As mystery illumines our world mundane, so shine the stars within the earth.

Within these velveteen verses Storm Faerywolf voyeuristically exposes the dynamism aroused from profane themes entwined with sacred imagery. Magickal in effect, queer in perspective, this poetic grimoire has enticed eclectic subjects to join the orgy, the erotic revelation of our world true beneath, betwixt and beyond.

Paperback. 106 pages.

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The Stars Within the Earth

In darkness underneath the moon
The quiet forest sleeps
And hides the ancient mystery
Of that which lies beneath.

Down below the solid ground
The realm of all things known
By way of cave, or well, or mound
We journey toward the throne.

Past root and muck
And bone and shade
And place of crystal’s birth
We seek the light within the dark
The stars within the earth.

They shine like jewels on velvet dark
And call us to our place
The stellar sphere
Is now drawn near
The paradox of space.

By foreign constellations led
To the palace of Her majesty.
Cthonic powers sleep below
Awaiting rediscovery.

The Faery mound that shrouds the gate
From prying eyes remains unseen
Except to those who’s hearts yearn for
The kiss of Faery’s Queen.

The King and Queen of Faeryland
Protect the secret power
Of divine spark within the land
Bringing consciousness to flower.

The bridge is us, that lies between
below and of above
And joining worlds unknown and seen
Our birthright formed in love.

©2003 Storm Faerywolf

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