Brew a tea with loosened leaves

and all the while hum a tune

that lulls the mind into a dream;

of darkened cave and silver pool. 


Into the pool now cast your gaze

and breaths of power, three, now take

to shine with dark angelic flame

with final breath now read these words:


“Cup of knowledge read my fate

Will I be governed by love or hate?

Will I have riches? Will I be poor?

Will I find love or will I die unsure?

Will I succeed or will I fail?

Cup of knowledge, reveal thy tale!”


Drink the potion but mind to leave

a fraction of the liquid there

Three times swirl the cup around

And turn it over upon the dish. 


Within the symbols now dictate

their secrets if you care to look

Your future now an open book

With open eyes now read thy fate.