From The Stars Within the Earth

In the darkness just beyond my sight
A lusty satyr waits within the night.
The dark, His sweet caress upon my skin
A trembling quiver begs to let Him in.
“Fear not, sweet Lover”, the words upon His lips
flow like wine unto me in His kiss
I drink them in with passion and design
For I know their secret power is Divine.
My hardened sex my wand upheld in praise
Reveals the inner flame now set ablaze.
The full moon casts Her silver pallor down
To Her Son who wears the earthly crown
Who stalks this moment just beyond my reach
I want to learn and He’s about to teach.
Satin strokes and several wicked pleasures
Forbidden kisses, and forbidden treasure
The scent of man and the touch of flesh
Of bodies writhing, tangled, wet, enmeshed.
It sends me spinning breathing in His power
I am His prey and soon He will devour
I feel Him inside my body and my soul
With Him inside I know that I am whole.
His power is like fire in my veins
I beg with thrusting hips he shall remain
With rutting madness and with wild tongue
A song of primal pleasure now is sung
As darkness calls the mystery to arise
the howling wolf then drowns our lusty cries.
With white hot bursts of ivory fire’s seed
Flowing down like milk to fill the need
An offering of my pleasure and delight
To He Who Is Seducer of the Night.