I have abandoned all that I have known,
in favor of you.
I have denounced all that I have stood for,
to stand in your presence.
I have relished that which was forbidden to me,
in the taste of your lips.
Through you I know union and understand
the great pattern of creation.
My heart takes flight and with it my body,
trembling at first then calm,
soars above the earth to take in Her splendor.
The seasons change, yet I am unchanged.
In the face of love
I am eternal.
This holy accident of the spirit,
this fall,
this descent into the pleasures of the body
has redeemed my soul and made me a resident
of the shining country of bliss.
I renounce my former homeland for it is false,
and make forever my home in your love.
I am made the Fool,
and so I dance ecstatic,
frenzied, and fierce,
the rhythm of my body is the pulsing of the heart of God.
My flesh is God’s body sent to touch the very pleasure of you.
In this love I am washed clean,
the burden of logic has been lifted.
This sweet madness has freed me
and my soul joins my body and my heart,
on the wings of an angel,
spiraling into the infinite.