The Blue God has come to me,
today as a person.
Dian y Glas has come to me,
clothed in the flesh.
So sweet to the touch,
So silken.
To look upon you is to see the face of God.
My heart is enraptured at the smallest glance.

Fill me up with your wine,
For I am the cup.
Pierce me with your love,
For you are the sword.
Sweet boy,
Let us dance together in the dance of love,
which is the dance of creation,
and destruction,
and rebirth.

Toward renewal we spin,
as the serpent rises,
from the depths of the well
in the springtime of the soul.
The carress of your eyelashes,
dripping with ecstacy,
is the fluttering of your painted fan.
The words from your heart,
are the melodies of your silver flute,
and I am intoxicated by your drunken tune.
Arise! And come to me, O Beautiful One.
Arise! And come. Arise, and come.
Arise! And come to me, O Sensual One,
and dance through the passion in my soul.