Many introductory books on magic and meditation discuss the importance of the meditative technique known as Grounding. Simply put, “Grounding” is an exercise designed to allow the human energy-body (or aura, if you prefer) to connect with the energy-body of the Earth. This connection forms the basis for an energetic relationship that is both beneficial and protective. When grounded we are in a state of hyper relaxation; a sort of energized calmness that allows deeper, and safer access to our Power, our psychic natures. It allows us to draw energy from the Earth, and helps to prevent harmful energies from disrupting our psychic balance. It is an important first step.

It is a process that I find myself returning to again and again. I have had time while writing material for my classes, as well as in my own private studies, to experience more deeply some of the energetic subtleties that are part of Grounding and Trance.

Most books that describe Grounding techniques focus mainly on visualization. This is an important skill, but far less important than feeling.

Feeling is an energetic sense that can be described as being somewhere between tactile sensation and thought. An example of this would be the memory of a physical sensation; you’re not remembering it in your physical body, but its not quite just a memory in your head either. You are Feeling it in your energy-body.

It is through the controlled use of this perceptive skill that we are able to consciously direct the flows of energy, our own or otherwise. What follows is a very simple exercise, but one that is meant to be used on a consistent basis. You will find that the visual aspect of this meditation is minimal. Feel free to change it completely to suit your needs. What is stressed here is the energetic sense, the feeling of the steps involved.

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Sit or stand in a comfortable position so that your back is straight. If standing, bend your knees slightly so as not to block the energy flow. Take in a few slow deep breaths through the nose, slowing even more on the exhale.

Focus your attention on your Power center, a space just below your navel, in the center of your body. Imagine, as you continue to breathe, that your Power is emerging from this space in the form of a light. Take some time to feel this Power as it grows with your breath. If you are new to meditation you may need to practice this first step several times until the sensation is definite.

Now, continuing to breathe deeply, imagine that your Power is elongating downward in the form of a cord, pressing straight down through your physical body and down into the Earth. Really take your time to feel this. The sensation should be as if the cord were an extension of your body, of your awareness. You should notice how your own personal energy feels as your cord travels deeper into the ground. Allow this cord to travel downward with your breath until it reaches the center of the Earth. Feel this center as a great vortex of Power that your cord merges with. Imagine that as your cord is anchored into place, it gets pulled tight, pulling you slightly closer to the Earth’s center. When you have achieved this, you may then draw from the Earth’s Power by pulling it up through your cord, feeling it as it rises to meet your body. Be aware of how it feels when it enters your body and allow it to fill both your physical body, and your aura. Again, give yourself plenty of time in order to really feel the energy. When you feel that you have done enough, gently remind yourself of the place in which you are meditating, remembering the room you are in. Then open your eyes.

When practiced consistently, this exercise will begin to deepen your perceptual skills so that you may begin to experience other types of energies. Experiment with different colors and visualization aids to see what works best for you. (Many imagine that they are in the form of a tree, whose taproot is the energy cord.) Try moving the energy in different ways. See if you can move it through your body and back into the Earth again. When these simple skills have been mastered you can then begin to create new forms for the energy to take, such as moving the energy through your hands and into an object, or from your Power center and into a star. The only limit is your imagination.