This is for the practitioner of the magical arts who has found themselves involved in an unscrupulous group or cult and —having formally left the group— still finds themselves in need of some magical assistance in further breaking the spiritual and magical bonds that may still bind them. In addition to performing any specific ritual actions to counter those performed while a member of the group (for example, ritually burning ones’ initiatory cord or other regalia) here is a simple ritual that can be performed to work towards ones’ release from spiritual imprisonment.

Three glass jars of incremental sizes, with lids (smaller closed jars should fit inside the larger)
A piece of paper
A pen
Some salt
Some fresh or dried rosemary
A white candle
A black/red “Reversing” candle
A “Reversing” oil
An “Uncrossing” or another cleansing-type oil
A “Protection”-type oil
A small mirror
An old towel or pillowcase
A hammer

Ground and center. Perform a simple self-cleansing exercise of your choosing. Dress the Reversing candle with Reversing oil and place this atop the small mirror. Light with a heart-felt prayer for your own freedom and protection. Write your name on the center of the paper. (If you were given a new name as a member of the group DO NOT use that name, but instead use the name you had prior.) Around this, in a circle, write-out some of your personal qualities that you feel were being repressed by your involvement with the cult. Make these positive self-statements. Adorn the paper with symbols of power, as you feel inspired. Fold or roll it up and place inside the smallest jar, closing the lid. Place this in the medium jar and close the lid, Finally, place this in the large jar, adding a handful of salt, and close the lid tightly.

Wrap in the towel or put in the pillowcase. Now, take the hammer and hold it above your head, saying,

“Kept inside a jar of glass
First once, then twice, then three
Reversing all that would harass,
I set my spirit free!”

With three sturdy and careful blows of the hammer, strike and break the jars. Carefully remove the paper (now freed from the broken prison) and burn in the candle flame. Retain the ashes. Dispose of the broken glass safely. Add the ashes to a bath, along with the Uncrossing or cleansing oil, the rosemary (you may wish to prepare an infusion of rosemary and add that to the bath, instead of the herb matter) and some salt. Soak by the light of a white candle, dressed with the Uncrossing oil. When finished, anoint yourself with the Protection oil. It is done.