You yearn for the mysteries
of Melek Ta’us
the Peacock Lord,
seducer of souls.
The angel of earth
who fell down from heaven
who brought down the stars
who taught us the Art.
He holds in his eyes the fire of life
Stolen from heaven,
The flame of the soul.
With serpentine dances
and dark longing glances
He lures you out in the cloak of the night.
The serpents will rise and the hush then will follow
That leads to abandon;
Leads you to Their realm,
To taste wicked pleasures (His voice is like music)
To love earthen treasures (His touch is like silk)
To drink and get drunk on a river of moonlight
And sing, both together, with hearts now as one
As white fire flows from the passionate one!
Drink deep of the God of the flesh,
Drink deep of the God of the soul,
Drink deep of his passion,
And make it your own.