Ground and center.

Remember how the power of the earth pulses inside of you… in every moment;
with every heartbeat.

Remember how the wisdom of the stars sings from deep within you… every
thought, every silence, a divine gift.

Remember… and feel your power.

There it is… in the spaces between your breaths, between the words…
there S/he is…

Let Her come to you now… let Her guide you.

Light the candle. Feel it’s light shine through you. It is Her light. It is
your light. It is all lights.

“Black Cauldron of the Night,
in your teeming depths are the deepest mysteries.
Let me look upon the waters
and see myself in your image.”

Gazing into a bowl of water,
the candlelight reflected from your face
and breathing 3 times quick, “Ha! Ha! Ha!”
you cause your vision to awaken.

Look into the waters… look softly. There on the surface is what you must

“Deep Self above me,
Descend on the light of the moon, I pray
and enter my body and flow through my souls
that I may be made pure and remember my divinity.”

You hold the bowl up to your heart,
filled with water, pure and cool,
and breathe three times inside.
Hearing it ring throughout the worlds.

The light of the Deep Self flows through you.
Shining bright within your heart, it flows out and into the water.

Can you see how the water glows? Bright like fire. It sings with power.

You drink the water in lusty gulps… drinking it down, feeling the power…
letting it flow through, and burn through, and change you. Feeling the
electric charge. Seeing the light fill your body. Hearing it sing great
choruses in your veins, and you joining in:

“I am pure in the light of Deep Self
I am pure in the light of Deep Self
I am pure in the light of Deep Self
We are the Three who speak as One.”

Take three deep breaths of power.

Feel this power as you breathe it through you.
In gratitude, you breathe it through you.

Give thanks to the Holy Mother.

Extinguish the candle.

Feel the silence.