From the east in springtime walking,
toward the brook with shade of tree,
Narcissus sits while calmly looking,
into the waters bubbling free.

Down below this place of motion,
into the darkened place of rest,
exists the secrets of all loving,
Narcissus moves to see them best.

A deeper gaze into the waters,
reveals longing in the heart,
a love surpassing all known beauty,
Narcissus pierced by Cupid’s dart.

An overflowing heart with love,
that spills into a crystal stream,
reflects upon the moving waters,
and calls for union in the deep.

Closer to the mirrored waters,
Narcissus leans to catch a glimpse,
of the one who beckons softly,
from underneath with parted lips.

Moving forward for the kiss,
Narcissus takes his final breath,
and dives into the icy waters,
to meet with secrets beyond death.

Delving into dreams below,
discovery of what was torn apart,
of self and knowing, self and love,
and union now with this, his heart.

Don’t weep for him, our passing hero,
true his time on earth did pass,
but through his heart made whole he conquered,
reborn into the Shining Lands.