This spell originally appeared in Llewellyn’s 2019 Witches’ Spell-a-Day Almanac.

As Mercury goes retrograde this is a perfect time to go within. We can ride this astrological current following it backward into a potent or troubling memory, giving us greater insight into how we can better handle problems.

An orange pillar candle
Cinnamon powder
A nail or implement to carve into candle wax

Ground and center. Using the nail or implement, carve the astrological symbol for mercury on the side of the candle. Sprinkle this sign with the cinnamon, working the powder into the carving. Now, with the implement, carve three arrows moving around the Mercury sign pointing counter-clockwise. Place in holder. Light the candle, saying:

“Moving backwards ‘cross the sky
Messenger, the winged-shoed god
Take me as we journey back
Into the memory I seek.”

 Meditate on the chosen memory, only now with a greater sense of your own power and purpose. How would this play out differently?