A heavy-duty cleansing rite

A curse can come in many forms. Not always does it require a maniacal practitioner of the Dark Arts, huddled over their arcane tools, muttering spells into the night. Often, what we might feel to be a curse can originate with something decidedly more mundane: a whispered rumor or a malicious thought. Left unchecked, this harmful energy can affect us adversely, be it in our private or professional lives. Regardless of its origin, we can respond magickally to this threat.

I believe that it should go without saying that prior to working this spell you should attempt whatever “mundane” actions are appropriate for your situation. Magick is part of real-life, not a substitute for it.

This spell can be performed either by the person who is the target of a curse or, in the event that they don’t feel up to it, then by someone acting as a priest/ess. The duty of the priest/ess in these cases would be to act as an energetic guide for the practitioner, mediating the God/dess power into their presence.

Ideally, this should be performed seven nights prior to the Dark Moon (Check your calendar). This is to combine the power of decrease, governed by the waning moon, with the mystic significance of the number seven. However, necessity is the largest concern here. Adapt, as you deem necessary.


Sage, (or your preferred purifying herb) for burning
A black taper candle
A deep blue taper candle
Frankincense oil (or your preferred banishing/hex-breaking oil)
A “Star God/dess” oil
A “BlueGod” oil
Some Dragon’s Blood resin
An unbroken, rotten egg
A spool of black all-natural cotton thread
Some sea salt
Two small cups or bowls of fresh water

A sprig of fresh rosemary (not dried)
A small amethyst
A bell
A small black natural-fiber cloth

Begin by taking a ritual bath. Perform a personal cleansing rite and then finish, toweling off and then going skyclad to your prepared ritual area. Allow yourself to become calm and centered. Perform a grounding exercise. Open up to your Holy Daemon (Higher Self, Deep Self, etc.). Feel It move through you, guiding your actions. Take a small handful of sea salt and hold it in your power-hand. Know that salt is a purifier. Allow the power of Holy Daemon to flow into the salt, charging it with purpose. Pour it into one of the small bowls of water and mix it together. Feel the water glow with the intent to purify.

Take the rosemary sprig and inhale its scent. Feel its leaves in your hands and on your face. Walking in a circle counter clock-wise, dip the rosemary into the saltwater and begin to asperge (sprinkle) the area, imagining the mixture melting away any adverse energies that may be around, leaving the area clean, pure, and fresh. While you do this, continually chant:

“Cleansed by water and by earth.”

End by sprinkling some on yourself, feeling your fears and stresses flow out from you, leaving you fresh and pure. Say:

“I am cleansed.”

Burn the sage and allow its smoke to waft over you. Again, open yourself up to your Holy Daemon, and again walk the circle, only now doing so clock-wise, bringing it alive with the smoke’s potency and motion. Again, chant continually:

“Charged by fire and by air.”

The circle having been completed, “wash” some of the smoke over your head and behind you and feel the potent charge of your Daemon. Say:

“I am charged.”

Breathe three deep breaths of power. Feel the harmony of your Daemon flowing into your fetch, and into your talking self. Feel the layers of your consciousness. Feel your triple power flowing into the area around you, forming a protective and sanctifying circle. Between each breath say:

“Blessed by spirit.”

Feel your own power flow back to you from all around you, like a ripple returning from the edge of a small pond. Breathe it in with the knowledge that all things are connected and say:

“I am blessed.”

Ring bell once.

With the “God/dess” oil, anoint the black candle with the intent of petitioning the Star God/dess with breaking the hex. Chant:

“Holy Mother,
Womb of the Universe,
Creator of destiny,
Eater of time,
All exists within your body,
Your power flows within my veins.”

With your “BlueGod” oil, anoint the blue candle with the intent of calling to the Deity in His triple aspects of Dian y Glas, Melek Taus, and the Holy Daemon. He comes to bring joy, terror, and wisdom, to stir up the power and disrupt the hex. Say:

“From the womb of Mother Night,
The first star born to bring forth light
Falls to earth on angel’s wings,
Watching, waiting, laughing, singing,
Strutting in His peacock dance,
Calling down the wild-eyed trance,
Shaking heaven, tearing hell,
The serpent rises from the well.”

Place the amethyst next to the candles. You may also wish to include a piece of jewelry, or other item that you wish to charge as a magickally protective amulet. Sprinkle salt in a ring around them. Feel them being encased. Say:

“Bound together by earthen ring,
One will flow into the next.
Candlelight to crystal stone,
Be now charged to break the hex.”

Feel your power flow through you as you light the candles with the solemn (and certain) intent to defeat the curse. Say:

“I cast these lights into the darkness,
Break the curse, dispel the shadow.”

Ring the bell three times.

In the silence that follows, take a moment to feel the presence of the candles’ wraith-force, and to feel their power permeating the amethyst and everything within the circle of salt. This will continue to build power during the rest of the ceremony.

Burn some of the Dragon’s Blood on a charcoal. Pass the spool of thread through its smoke, cleansing it and charging it for magickal purpose.

If you are performing this rite by yourself, take the thread and bind the wrist and fingers of your non-dominant (or receiving) hand. If a priest/ess is officiating, then they shall bind both wrists of the practitioner together. This is to symbolically and psychically cut off the practitioner from the power of the curse. Say:

“Cord of black that ties and binds,
The weaves of fate you hope to tangle.
By your emblem, I now snare you,
Into this symbol be now bound.”

On this last line, cut the thread from the spool and feel the curse’s current of energy “flood” into the binding thread, snapping into place. Feel the thread now as an energetic filament, a “live-wire” of harmful energy. All energies expended in maintaining the curse are now bound in the cord.

Now we are to remove what has already been placed into the energy-body of the practitioner. Take the egg and hold it in your hands. Breathe deep, and call to your Daemon to grant you power. Anoint the egg with saltwater in the form of a five-pointed star. Pass it through the smoke of the Dragon’s Blood. Say:

“Vessel of Life,
Now turned to death,
Turned, corrupted, changed, enchanted,
Remove from me the dreaded curse,
Become a vessel for its evil.”

Hold the egg at the center of your forehead and call to your Daemon. Ask that the curse be moved from your life and into this egg. Begin to move the egg in small circular motions as if to “wash” the aura with it. Will the curse to leave at once and enter into the egg. Feel that the egg is actually “drawing-out” the curse and into itself, where it is being concentrated. Continue to breathe deeply and relax. Take as much time as you need.

When you have finished, place the egg onto the black cloth along with a pinch of salt, some leaves from the rosemary sprig, a bit of Dragon’s Blood resin, and a drop or two of your hex-breaking oil. Take a deep breath and feel the harmful energies snapping and crackling in the binding thread. Say:

“Holy Daemon, Deepest Self,
I ask your presence fill me now,
Give me the power to break the curse,
And hurl it into the Outer Darkness!”

 Take three deep breaths of power and tear the cord from your hand/wrists. Hear the searing power of the curse hiss and pop. Tangle the thread up and Will it to be bound and banished. Feel your power of control. Place the thread in with the egg and other contents, then spit into it. Take up the Star God/dess and BlueGod candles, still burning, and allow some of the black and then blue wax to drip onto the thread and the egg, speaking aloud their names as you do. Feel it “sealing” the dark power into these objects. Say:

“Conjured by power,
Conquered by power,
Bound by the emblem,
Tamed by the vessel.
Touched by the God/dess,
Changed by the Daemon.
Sealed by their Holy Names.”

Return the candles to their places and then bundle up the contents in the cloth, putting it aside. This will be dealt with later. Pick up the amethyst. Place it into the cup or bowl of fresh water. Hold the cup at heart level and again be aware of your Holy Daemon. Ask to be finally cleansed of everything that has gone on before. Feel the purifying power of your Daemon flow through you and into the cup, charging it with power, mixing with the power and presence of the amethyst charged water. When the water is brilliantly shining with the power, drink with the blessing:

“I drink deep of the waters of life,
And am cleansed and healed in Her name.”

Anoint yourself with the saltwater on your forehead, lips, hands, heart, belly, genitals, and feet. With each anointing, affirm the blessing:

“Blessed be my head (lips, hands, heart, etc.)”

Dress and, carrying both the bundle and the amethyst (and any jewelry or objects that you charged in the salt circle), go outside with the intent to either bury the bundle in the ground (not on your own property) or to toss it into a moving body of water. If you bury, know that the curses’ power is being transmuted into something useful by Mother Earth as it decays and releases energy. If you choose the water method, then you see the energy being carried far away by the water until it is transformed by the ultimate cleansing powers of Grandmother Ocean. You may wish to say a short prayer such as:

“Power caught and bound and severed,
Into this bundle, you are placed.
I cast you out into the Darkness,
Where Mother Night can see the face
Of Her Child Star-born Lover,
Riding the powers on the wind,
They change this curse, into a blessing,
A Holy circle without end.”

Ring bell once.

Return to your ritual area and disperse the circle. You may wish to take a cleansing bath to finalize the ritual. Over the next several days, carry the amethyst with you as a reminder of the magick that you performed. Especially if you feel fear or stress about your situation returning, hold onto the stone and allow those feelings to flow into it. Each night take some time to hold the amethyst and say a prayer to the Star God/dess and the BlueGod. On the night of the Dark Moon, go back to that place where you released the bundle and leave the amethyst, turning away and not looking back. Drink a lot of water. Get extra rest. Greet the next morning with a smile.

Be blessed.