At summer’s end, the sabbat night
when spirits walk this ancient earth
through the host of souls we met,
a satyr and an angel.

His horns were red and earthen black
My feathers green and blue
His touch Promethean, his kiss so sweet.
My yearning heart is set aflame.

To see him is to know desire
His skin like cream
His eyes like jewels
His heart, so soft to beg caress.
He smiles and he shines like fire
and I the helpless moth.

Hand in hand he led me down
into the hallowed dance
with thrusting hips and passion’s kiss
the world did melt away.

As we danced amongst the throng
so too we danced alone
And looking deep within his eyes
my own were filled with longing.

Beyond all thought I moved to touch
my hands upon his flesh
and lip to lip, two flames in one
as earth unto the heavens.

Too early came the sabbat’s end
to our worlds we did return
but shall we meet and dance again?
The answer’s in the stars.