Tender One,
Golden One,
Arouser of the flame,
I offer myself to you,
My heart the vessel of your love,
overflowing on the earth.

Smooth One,
Silken One,
Seducer of the flesh,
The feeling we share
when our eyes meet
is the invitation to spirit
to flow like water between us,
and it washes away all doubt in my mind,
all fear shrinks back at your beautiful light,
and I join the faery dance,
in sweet abandon.

But for your light to illumine
the most hidden parts of my soul
means that I stand naked before you
and so I tremble.
The fear I thought conquered returns,
from a place deep within my body,
so deep that no one knew it was there,
and now I sit alone thinking on your face,
your touch,
your kiss,
and I weep for those things lost.

But then I remember the gift that you brought me,
and how real my love is
and it makes a difference.
how you reached inside me and
reminded me of my spirit.

I give thanks to you.
and surrender to the will of spirit touched by flesh
and bathed in song.
Between us is the circle of all that is.
How could I not have noticed it’s absence before?

My head is spinning.
Everything that I once knew is gone from here,
There is only this love that matters,
flowing through my heart so strong that I fear it shall burst into fire,
and consume all that I hold dear:
my boundaries and my fears.

Sweet liberator,
Warrior of the soul,
Shall we dance and forget about the complexities of our situation?
Shall we feast on each others gaze while waiting for that moment we know will come
all too soon?
My skin is on fire at the thought of your touch,
at the thought of that moment when God fills our souls with the truth (once forbidden)
I can only exist,
and breathe,
and wait,
and see what life holds for us.
I will not hold on
for I know too well that ancient curse.
Clear headed now I rise up and remember the moment
when I first felt your love
and it will sustain me
until the end of my days.