There is a light n your eyes,
Shining from the fire in your heart.
Others have been lured by it,
from their dreamless sleep,
to rise and look upon your face,
to be guided to the place of true existence.
Can you see it?
Remember your origin!
From amongst the stars you were born.
You are the willing vessel of the Gods,
compassion poured upon the earth
like rain that leaves the parched soil
gasping with ecstasy.
Close your eyes,
and let your light shine inward.
Do you remember now?
How the laughter and tears
brought you into this moment…
How the pain was but a bridge
to the realm of the infinite?
Take a deep breath,
and remember.
Remember how we used to dance,
in circles on the grass until we collapsed,
giggling like children (I guess we were, then).
I remember… I am reminded by the light in your eyes.