Personal Cleansing Rite #1
A cup of spring water
A white candle

Ground and Center. Begin to feel inner power. Light candle with the intention to purify yourself. Allow the light of the candle to resonate with your own power, making both stronger. Pick up the cup and hold it at heart level. Breathe deeply, feeling the light of the candle permeate the water… Feel your heart open and imagine that you are forming a circuit of power with the candle flame, flowing through the cup of water. “See” the water glow with that power. Allow it to become charged with power. Take three deep breaths and then drink the water, feeling it wash away all that is impure or useless. Bask in the power of the candle and the openness you feel. Extinguish the candle. A deepening of this ritual might include performing it in the bath tub, shower, or outdoors and pouring the water over your head.

Personal Cleansing Rite #2
Sea salt
A bathtub (or shower)
Your favorite essential oils (optional)

Ground and Center. While drawing a bath hold a handful of sea salt in your power hand for the span of three deep breaths. (If you are showering then you will place the sea salt (and oils) into a small pouch made from a thin natural cloth which you will use as a washcloth.) Pour the salt into the bath water with the intent to create a healing/cleansing environment and say:

By Salt of Sea,
I call to me,
And set in motion,
This tiny ocean,
Whose briny deep,
Shall cleanse and keep
All evil deflected,
My soul protected.

Add your essential oils if you are using them and get into the bath. As you bathe, allow yourself to relax. Imagine that the stress, pain, anxiety or curse is being “drawn” from you like poison and being neutralized by the salt. When you feel ready, drain the tub imagining the neutralized energy flowing back to the ocean to be recycled. (You may wish to follow this up with the Personal Cleansing Rite #1 for added effectiveness.

Cleansing A Space (simple version)
A sage bundle (or other purification herbs)
A white candle

Ground and Center. Begin to feel inner power. Light candle with the intention to purify the area. Allow the candle flame to resonate with your inner power. Breathe into it then light the bundle of sage until it smolders. ‘Smudge’ the area by walking the perimeter of the area, making sure that one window (or door) remains open as an exit point for negativity. Make sure that the smoke gets into the corners of the room and take extra time on windows and doors. If a strong negative presence resides in a particular area take some time to really fumigate that area with the smoke. When you have completed walking the perimeter you may extinguish the sage or allow it to burn out. After you feel the rite is complete, extinguish the candle.

Cleansing A Space (heavy-duty version)
A broom
A sage bundle (or other purification herbs)
A black candle
Some sea salt
Spring water
A pleasant smelling essential oil (lemon works great)
A bell (or optionally a music recording of your choice)

Begin by performing the Personal Cleansing Rite #2 and then the Personal Cleansing Rite #1. Ground and Center. Begin to feel inner power. Light the candle with the intent that all evil is being banished. Ring the bell 9 times (or you may put on your favorite song that makes you feel powerful.) Take the broom and walk counter-clockwise around the area “stirring” the air with it. Focus your intent on sweeping up negativity, getting it ready to be discarded. Burn the sage and smudge as given in the Simple version. Smudge the salt combining it with the water holding it for a time in front of the candle, meditating on the flame and imagining it to permeate the mixture. Add a few drops of the oil and say:

By earth and air,
By fire, by water, by spirit,
I charge you with purity.

Anoint yourself with the mixture on the forehead then ring the bell 3 times. Now anoint the doors and windows while you sprinkle it over the entire area. Ring bell once. Extinguish the candle. Now do something to bring in good vibrations, such as dance, or have a party.