Here is a simple spell I wrote to help bring a good night’s sleep when it has been elusive.

Stuff a small light blue pouch with equal parts lavender, chamomile, and valerian root.

Breathe into the pouch to “awaken” the herbs and then speak into it:

“Hypnos come, my mind make light
That I may slumber through the night.”

On the last word, quickly tie the pouch closed to “trap” your breath and intention inside. Gently press the pouch against your heart, feeling a sense of openness and heart-centered connection to the spirits of their plants inside. Imagine them as agents of the dreamtime, coming to lend their aura of relaxation, and easy sleep.

Hold it gently against your forehead, imagining the powers of the plant spirits taking your stresses and worries from your conscious mind, leaving you light.

Kiss the pouch to “seal” the charm, and place beneath your pillow.

Pleasant dreams…