The Pagan and St. Patrick’s Day: Why I Love This Holiday

I proudly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a big part of the culture in which I was raised. Growing up in Dublin, CA, there was an identification with the Irish that fit my own family’s […]

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Counting My Blessings: Post-Pantheacon Thoughts

I am sitting here contemplating the many blessings I received as a result of attending yet another PantheaCon. I have been attending for more years than I care to number, and while each of them […]

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13 Days of Magic (Day 7)

I’ve been participating in Devin Hunter’s 13 Days of Magic challenge on Facebook and Twitter by posting pics of my spells for the past several days leading up to Halloween! Here’s my entry from Day […]

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Patriarchy is not about men.

Patriarchy is not about men. It’s about boys. It’s about those who are stunted and who cling to a wicked lie that some people are more equal than others.

Real men do not need to demonize […]

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Think Outside the Cult

So, according to the Facebook Page for the Florida Pagan Gathering, they have dis-invited the Pagan pedophile-apoligists, Gavin & Yvonne Frost. The reason they did so, however, is not because they experienced a sudden bout […]

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Magic is real! (But don’t you dare believe in it.)

Witches and warlocks are a diverse bunch. We like to study arcane magical practices, talk to spirits, and cast spells and none of us will bat an eyelash. But it seems that once someone decides […]

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Poem: The Divine Twins



By the starry light above,
behold the soaring azure dove.
By the darkness far beneath,
the scarlet serpent bears his teeth.

As each do turn to spy the other
brother, enemy, and lover
And each to arms now leap […]

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New Orleans Witches’ Ball 2013

I was honored to have been asked to lead the ritual at this year’s New Orleans Witches Ball. The event itself was fabulous… the costumes… the music… the food.. the dancing… the puppet show… everything […]

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A poem for Beltane…

BeltaneAs the sun grows hot and brightAnd the year-wheel slowly turns.The veil thins on Beltane night. And passion’s fire brightly burns.Arise in lust and join the dance‘round the maypole one by oneAnd as the cup is […]

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New Art!

I have been working on handouts for my BlueRose F(a)eri(e) classes and finally got around to making a couple new pieces of art. My Mari is almost finished, but right now I am happy to […]

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Holding the Center: Privilege, Pain, and Pantheacon

So many have been made aware in the past few days of the actions and controversies present at Pantheacon this year centering around gender exclusion and derogatory speech. For those who are not, I point […]

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F(a)eri(e) Goddesses of the Primal Elements (5/5)

And now I am pleased to unveil the final installment of my F(a)eri(e) Goddesses of the Primal Elements series: Sugma’ad, The Well of Stars:

Sugma’ad, The Well of Stars
©2011 Storm Faerywolf
The Goddesses of the Primal Elements are unique […]

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