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Have you always wanted to share your creative Feri-centered spirituality with the world but didn’t know how? Well, why not contribute to the longest running Feri zine?

The deadline for Witch Eye #10 is fast approaching (January 1st) and so we’re getting the word out that we are still accepting submissions. The spotlight theme for this next installment is ‘the Gods of Feri’ although material on any Feri-related subject will be gladly appreciated.

What? You’ve never submitted anything before? Well, why not now?

What? You feel you have nothing to contribute? You have been working on that Pride point, haven’t you?


Here at Witch Eye we feel that everyone has something to contribute because we each have a unique perspective. Initiates, teachers, students, seekers… it doesn’t matter what your ‘connection’ to the Feri tradition is… if you are called to this work and to these Gods then your voice is just as valid as the next. Why not let it be heard?

Got a new spin on traditional material? We’d love to see it! Have you watched a movie that screams Feri to you? Write a review! Got a great recipe for a ritual food? Send it in! Got a story? Whether fact or fiction we’re interested in hearing it. In a tradition in which we all bring something to the work, the possibilities are literally endless.

Send your written materials to: or snail mail them to:

Witch Eye
c/o Faerywolf
PO Box 3736
Antioch, CA 94531

(We’re sorry, but submissions to our PO Box are non-returnable, so don’t send us your originals!)

Artists please email us to determine how best to get your work to us.

For more information regarding our submission guidelines please visit:

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to ask! Let’s get those submissions coming!

Discussion group: