I think it can be agreed by all of us that Feri witches are a creative, opinionated bunch. So you’d think that we’d have *hundreds* of submissions for the next Witch Eye, right?

Well… we have a few… but it’s not coming together yet, so here’s what we want you to do…

Send us something. A ritual. A review. A piece of art. A story. Humor! Send us your really cool experience in trance that you feel like sharing… tell us what the Gods are inspiring in you. We’re still interested in cool poetry, but keep in mind that we get mostly poetry as it is. But an essay… an article… a well mannered rant… Bring ’em on! Whatever little Feri thing you’d like to address, do it and send it in!

Or… if you just can’t think of where to start, how about pondering some of these?

  • The Mighty Dead: Ancestral Reverence and Practice in Feri Magic
  • Love and the Craft: How has Feri impacted your relationships?
  • The Dangers of Feri. What exactly are they? And why does it sound so cool?
  • Art & Feri. Has Feri impacted your creative life? Are you dancing more? Making music? Are you suddenly creating art for the first time? Tell us!
  • You may have aligned your Three Souls, but you still can’t use the car-pool lane.
  • Initiation. What it is. What it isn’t. And why you may never need one. Or want one.
  • Dreams… We’ve collected dreams from folks that involve the late Victor Anderson. Do you have one?
  • Cursing. C’mon… you know you want to.
  • Ethics. Lost teachings of the tradition found!
  • Seeking the Black Heart. Exercises and Stories on the search for Feri’s Holy Grail
  • Outside Looking In: Feri from a non-Feri Perspective
  • Witch Eye: The Swimsuit Issue. Send us your pictures! No, I’m not kidding…
  • The Divine Twins. Cornerstone of the Feri mythos and I still can’t tell them apart.
  • Kala and the Pearl Pentacle: Is the community doing enough?
  • Classroom vs. the Coven, or why you are wrong to practice as you do

Our next theme, if we have one, will depend on what I get a lot of. But I love diversity, so send us whatever you want to write about! You can do it. We want material from all aspects of the Feri community: initiates, teachers, students, practitioners, and even educated seekers. You have over three months. Deadline isn’t until September 1st! No excuses! Flex those Pride points!

Guidelines can be found here: http://www.feritradition.org/witcheye/submissions.htm
Send all submissions and questions to: witcheye@feritradition.org