I’ve announced it in a few places, but I was just too dog-tired to do anymore last night… so here goes:

Witch Eye #13 is finally here!

Witch Eye: A Zine of Feri Uprising
#13: Exploring the Pentacles

I’m really proud of this latest issue… Chas did a great job with layout and we have some amazing pieces, mostly focusing on the practice of working with Pentacles in the Feri tradition, but with a few other juicy tidbits thrown in for good measure. Click above image for a full list of contents and contributors or to place an order.

In other news… we also finally finished the Witch Eye book!

By Witch Eye:
Selections from the Feri Uprising, Vol. 1

This is a compilation of several pieces from the first seven issues (now out-of-print) plus some brand new never-before-published material. Click above image for ordering or more info.

Now that it’s all done I can finally rest!  Waiter? Bring me a drink! 😉