Well, we suffered a few minor (and not so minor) technical glitches along the way, but let the celebration commence! Witch Eye #12 is finally here!

Witch Eye #12: Sex and Feri Craft

 In this issue:


  • Excerpts on a Discussion on Sexuality with Victor Anderson
  • Erotic Trinity: The Three Souls, Sexuality, and Embodying the Blue God
  • An Interview with Annie Sprinkle
  • Hestia: Forgotten Goddess
  • Confession: The Day I Woke Up Queer
  • A Journey for Victor, pt. IV
  • Plus art… poetry… spells…  and more!

For a full list of contents and authors/artists, please visit here.

We received so many wonderful pieces from people, but unfortunately could not fit them all in! Rest assured that many of these pieces will find their way into our pages for future issues. (Besides… Sex is so juicy… how can we keep it for only one issue?)

Contributors: your copies are already in the mail and you should be receiving them soon!

Any questions regarding content for the zine should be directed to witcheye@feritradition.org. All questions regarding orders should be directed to orders@faerywolf.com.

Upcoming themes for future issues are:

  • Ethics of Feri
  • Pentacle Practices
  • The Three Souls
  • Exploring the Guardians
  • Outside Looking In: Perspectives of non-Feries
  • Dreams of Victor

…plus any other Feri-related thing you can dream up. Send in your stuff! Artwork, spells and reviews are especially needed! Deadline for Witch Eye #13 will be February 25, 2006.

If anyone has any questions please let me know.

Happy reading!