Moving westward, toward the bay, we experience the energies of water. Face West and breathe deep. As you breathe in a rhythm, allow your body to float freely in the darkness. You begin to see a light ahead of you. As you focus your attention on it, you are pulled forward until you can see the setting Autumn sun reflected in the great ocean before you. You stand on the edge, between the worlds of land and sea, of light and dark, watching the waves lap up upon the shore. You can see both the sun and the moon in the sky. You begin to wonder if the sun is setting or rising; time makes no appearance here—you stand in twilight.

Off in the distance, just above the pink-orange sun, you can make out what appears to be a deep blue pentagram hovering over the surface of the water. You contemplate the waves for a moment, and then, with a deep breath, you enter the water.

It is cool all around you. You can feel the water support your weight, allowing you to relax completely. The currents begin to take you, and you rock and sway with them, riding the surface of ocean. You allow yourself to float on your back, feeling the ocean all around you, feeling the rolling movement of the waves. You can hear only the ocean now, as you float away from land altogether, and drift towards the glowing pentagram in the distance.

Breathe deep. You drift and float, rock, and sway along with the waters. Feel the immensity of the ocean. It is all around you, as far as you can see. The ocean is where all life began. It is ancient life and ancient feeling. The horizon meets the surface of the water. Feel the vastness here. Feel the quietness and the age. Allow your consciousness to float with the waves. Feel your body merge with the ocean. Feel how you are floating in the womb of the Goddess. Find the tides of power in your body. Find your emotions—anger, joy, sorrow, grief, love. Allow yourself to truly feel. Feel the liquid in your body rise up, and then fall—like the tides. Ebb and flow. Be with this energy for a moment.

Now you feel something move past your leg. Something is here with you. It has followed you here. You see a great serpent swimming and crashing around you, playing with you. Take some time to commune with the serpent, to connect. It splashes around you for a moment, but then seems to want to lead you somewhere further west—towards the pentagram. There is still quite a distance to cover, and it would lead you farther from shore than you already are! When you have summed up your courage, take a deep breath, put your arms around the serpent and hold on!

The serpent takes you beneath the waves at an amazing speed. You feel the water smooth all around you as you shoot forward toward your goal. Faster, faster. Further, and further. You begin to wonder how long your breath will last, and then you emerge into the twilight once again, floating beneath a glowing blue pentagram. The serpent lets out a great roar and then swims away, leaving you to your task. You gaze at the star as you float in the water. Say:

“Hail Mother of the Oceans! Open the gate to me that I may Dare!”

You lay on your back in the water, floating with the waves. The waves are like emotions. You can feel them rise up within you, and then splash down again. They can be soft and calm. Or they can be violent and fearsome. Remember a time when you felt deep emotion. Maybe a time of great elation, or a time of intense sorrow. Allow yourself to feel that feeling again—here within the safety of the nurturing waters. Let the feeling flow over you, rising and building within you.

As your emotions deepen, the sky opens up and rain falls upon you. It splashes on the waves, giving you courage, and new energy. Feel the energy of the rain. Feel how it is really your energy. Notice how it calls images up from within you. Memories. Dreams. Intuition—this is the realm of Water. Reach down to your belt and hold your chalice. With your strongest hand, hold it up so that the rain can be collected within. When your cup is full say:

“Powers of Water,
powers of the tides of my being,
Ebb and flow within me.
Let my feelings run deep as the oceans,
that I may Dare to touch my self.
By the waters of Her womb,
Be with me always!”

Drink deep, and allow the water to nourish you. Take in all that power. Let it flow through you. As you connect with your feelings, a blue light from the center of the pentagram shines on your right shoulder (or right hand), connecting you to the realm of water. Breathe this power in to your body, and allow it to merge with your blood, with your fluids. Allow it to charge you with its essence. Become the chalice and allow yourself to be filled. When you have taken in enough energy, splash some water on the pentagram and allow it to fade away. Say:

“Hail Mother of the Oceans! May the waters ever flow through me. Blessed be!”

The serpent returns and begins to swim in a circle around you. Round and round. Changing, flowing. The waters begin to swirl and change. You find yourself floating in darkness. Return to normal awareness.