I just wrote this email to Uline, a popular shipping and office supply company which has provided 100% of our bags, boxes, paper, and other retail and shipping supplies since we began our business in 2004. I couldn’t find an email address for their corporate office, so I sent it to their customer service address, and will print it out and snail mail it to their headquarters. But then I also thought that other small business owners might like to know why they might not want to be supporting Uline, either.


SUBJECT: A Parting of the Ways

To Whom it May Concern,

Our store, The Mystic Dream, has used your service exclusively for our shipping and office supply needs since we began operating the store in 2007. Even before that, our parent company, Faerywolf-Carnivalia, was using Uline for our shipping supplies since we began our business in 2004. We have always loved your products and your service is exceptional. This is why it’s actually quite difficult for us to have to end our business relationship with you. But end it we must, and I thought you all should know why.

This is because your president, Liz Uihlein has been a big supporter and has raised funds for Donald Trump. In good conscience we can not give our money to a company that would support what is amounting to a fascist take over of our democracy. We are prepared to spend our money elsewhere if it means not supporting a company that would place the needs of so many Americans at peril. And this is exactly what is happening.

I’m sorry to have to part ways. In the future, if your company has a change of heart and begins to donate to progressive causes then we may change our mind. But in the meantime I think it’s important that everyone knows that a dollar spent at Uline is effectively undermining our democracy.

Sincerely, ,
W. Storm Doyle
Chas Bogan,
Owners, Faerywolf-Carnivalia and The Mystic Dream

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1437 N Broadway
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
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