I am very pleased to announce that I will be offering an online workshop this August, hosted by RJ Stewart and Anastacia Nutt’s Salon of the Western Mysteries.

The Salon of the Western Mysteries presents
The Inner Alliance: Soul Alignment and the Faery Encounter
With Storm Faerywolf
Sunday, August 16 via GoToMeeting (link provided)
1:00 – 3:00 Eastern US time
To register: http://rjstewart.org/salon-of-the-western-mysteries

Folklore is filled with stories of those who have wandered haplessly into the Faery realm only to be wholly unprepared for the magnitude of the experience. In this place where time runs differently and the normal laws no longer apply, great challenges are presented with the potential of winning great gifts upon championing them. This realm is a place that is not a place; a layer of universal consciousness into which we may step, and with proper training, may even learn to navigate. The American Faery Witchcraft tradition (often called “Feri”) offers a set of tools that are essential for learning to traverse this conscious realm, first and foremost the practice of aligning of the triple soul; bringing together the human, faery, and deific aspects of ourselves, so that we may bring our full consciousness into the chaotic dreamland of the Faery Otherworld. Join us as we explore the triple soul and learn to align them for the journey into the unknown.

To register: http://rjstewart.org/salon-of-the-western-mysteries