Items needed:
A Black Candle, anointed with Destruction Oil
A White Candle, anointed with Uncrossing and Victory Oil
Two Lavender Candles, anointed with Uncrossing, Court Case, and Lavender Love Drops Oils
Focal Image/Petition paper (You may use THIS, if you like.)
Black Arts Incense
Fiery Wall of Protection Incense
Rose petals
Marriage Sachet Powder
Graveyard Dirt
Coffin Nails
A small, inexpensive jewelry chain
Some white silk
Some Salt

On a waning moon, just after midnight, go to some secret place where you will be undisturbed, preferably a crossroads. Light the Black Arts Incense and smudge the petition paper. Focus on how this paper is the physical manifestation of the social current toward oppression of GLBT persons. Anoint the paper with destruction oil and say:

Voices of oppression and inequality;
you have now fallen silent.
Though you tried to suppress the tide of freedom,
now you suffer the impotence of death.

Sprinkle some of the Graveyard Dirt over it’s surface and then turn the image 90 degrees counterclockwise and fold in half away from you. Then turn and fold again in the same manner, three times in total. Pierce it through three times with the Coffin Nails, and then burn the black candle on top of it, allowing it to burn down completely.

The next night, take the remnants to a crossroads (or other place of power) and dig a small “grave”. Place the petition paper and the remnants of the black candle (if any) into the grave and say:

As you rot in your grave
so too the power of your supporters does rot away.
Let Freedom ring,
Let the chains now be broken.

On the last line, break the small chain and throw it into the grave along with a small handful of salt. Fill-in the grave and walk away without looking back. Perform a cleansing/uncrossing rite.

On the 8th day before the full moon sometime between 6pm and midnight, set an altar with the white candle in the center, and the two lavender candles 8″ away from it on each side. “Dust” each of the candles with the Marriage Sachet Powder. Light the Fiery Wall of Protection Incense and smudge the altar and the working area. Sprinkle the rose petals in a circle around all three candles. Light just the lavender candles, saying:

You are man and man
You are woman and woman
You are alike
And you are in love
And your love is a sacrament unto all nature.
In love be you drawn
In justice be you joined.

Burn them down part way (at least for several minutes) and then snuff them out, thus keeping the energy contained in the candle. Do this each night until the Full Moon, moving them closer and closer to the white candle each time. On the final night, the night of the Full Moon, use them to light the white candle and say:

True love shines with the fires of victory!
I now pronounce you married in the eyes of the law!

Allow all candles to burn down. Wrap up the spell remnants in white silk and bury in your yard or otherwise hide it in your home, perhaps in the soil of a large houseplant, or in a box.