Grounding is a most, if not the most, important first step to any ritual, magickal or otherwise. When we have been grounded, we have undergone several meditative steps and visualizations in order to focus our awareness, and to cleanse ourselves from any extraneous thoughts or emotions that might prove distracting, or even harmful, in a ritual setting.

When we connect with the Earth, we are connecting with the body of the living Goddess, so that Her energies are made available to us, travel through us, envelope us, and heal us. It is important that we not use our own personal energy, so as not to become depleted.

The meditation that follows is designed for a group, however changes can easily be made to accommodate for solo work.

Sit or stand in a comfortable position so that your back is straight. If standing, bend your knees slightly so as not to block the energy flow. Take in a few slow deep breaths through the nose, slowing even more on the exhale. Around you is a glowing white mist that surrounds and permeates your aura. Breathe in this energy, and as you breathe, send it to a spot just below your navel. With each breath, it grows stronger, warmer, larger. With each exhale, the mist that surrounds your body is stirred-up. Changing. Flowing. Constantly moving. From this space, your feet, and the base of your spine, send down a root, like the root of a tree, into the Earth, who is our Mother. Feel it traveling downward past the Earth’s surface. Downward past forgotten caverns and ancient water tables. Downward, through the cool soil and slabs of bedrock. Further still, past the layers of magma. Traveling downward. Down. Down, until it reaches the center of the Earth that is the heart of the Mother.

Feel the warm red energy that is there. Feel the power. The power to invigorate. The power to change. The power to heal. Feel the passions of the Mother. Begin to feel your root plant itself into this force, and feel it intertwine with the roots of everyone here in this circle. Feel the connection we have with one another. Continue to breathe, and with each breath, we draw up this energy into our roots, absorbing it into our being. It travels upwards past the different layers of the Earth’s crust, past the magma and bedrock. Past the water tables and caverns, and the surface of the Earth. Feel the soft spaces in the soles of your feet become opened to this energy, receptive. As we breathe, we accept the energy that is the Goddess, into our lives and bodies. Feel it tingling in your feet, and it rises higher, higher into our legs and knees. Higher into our thighs and pelvis. Feel it as it warms us, giving us the energy we need to heal, to make change, to do magick. It travels upward into our abdomen and stomach. Higher into our chests and throats, giving us the power to speak. Outward, into our arms, and into our hands, giving us the power to do. Traveling from right to left, around the circle, spiraling higher, stronger. Higher into our heads. Feel it scurry up the back of our necks, onto our scalps. Feel it rise over our faces. Rising. Higher still, until it converges on the tops of our heads, and sprouts forth, like the branches of a tree, reaching upward, outward, rising, growing. Feel leaves begin to grow, leaves of our trees. Feel the branches begin to intertwine and mingle, connecting us again with each other, and the Goddess. As the branches continue to grow, they begin to bend downward, until they, like the branches of the willow tree, touch the Earth. The power travels upwards, from the Earth, into our roots and bodies, into our branches, and returns to the Mother, continuing in a constant fluid motion, like a circle, making us a living circuit. It spirals upward, giving us power. It spirals outward, expanding our awareness. It spirals downward, cleansing our souls. Feel the energy as it dances about. Breathe it in. Be with this power for a moment.

Now, become aware of another energy, an energy that is of the stars. Feel it as a cool electric blue cloud that descends slowly upon us. Feel this cloud, that is the God, being absorbed into the leaves of our tree like a plant absorbs sunlight. Feel it as is travels down our branches and into our heads, cooling us, calming us, clearing our thoughts. Like water, it washes away all that is impure, all that is negative, all that is not needed. Feel it wash over our faces and splashing down our necks and throats. It trickles down our arms, into our hands, and throughout the circle from right to left. It travels down our bodies, mixing with the energy of the Earth, the energy of the Goddess, exploding into a brilliant shade of purple. It mixes as it travels downward. Down. Down. Healing us. Balancing us. Down. Down into our stomach and pelvis. Down into our legs and feet. Down into the Mother, and out into the universe, where it continues to dance the spiral, with planets, and stars, and galaxies. We are here, in this place. We are alive. We have power. We are connected to the Earth and the universe. Take of this energy that which you need, and return to the Earth that which you do not.

Participants, continuing to breathe in a rhythm, draw in the energy until each individual feels ready to return it. This is done by laying your palms flat on the ground, or even by lying down, letting the excess energy trickle and sink into the ground. It is done.