Items needed:

A red candle
“Hot Foot” or a “banishing” oil blend
Some “Hot Foot” incense or a “banishing” herb blend
A photograph or symbol of the person you wish to banish
An incense burner
A small mirror

Set your altar so that the following items are in a vertical line directly in front of you in the following order:

Closest to you: Mirror, propped up and facing away from you
Incense burner
Farthest from you: Red candle in holder

Light the incense and say the person’s name three times. Pass the red candle through the smoke, and then dress it with the oil while you imagine the person turning their back to you and walking slowly, and steadily away from you with every breath you take. Say:

Upon you now I lay this charm,
Speak not of me, nor do me harm.

Place the candle in its holder and light it, again saying the person’s name three times. Be aware of how the mirror is reflecting the candle light away from you.

Holding the photo or symbol of the person, wave it and your hands away from you through the incense smoke to “brush” their presence away from you as you speak aloud:

Turn your thoughts in that direction,
Turn your head in that direction,
Turn your eyes, your sight, your gaze…
Your feet then follow…
Away, away, away!

Repeat the above several times until you feel yourself fall into a trance. Continue for as long as spirit leads you. Finally, take a deep breath and blow out quickly as you forcibly through the incense smoke as you wave your hands out away from you, seeing the focus of your intention fly off and away, never to be seen by you again. Let the candle burn all the way down. When finished, dispose of all remains far away from your property.