So, according to the Facebook Page for the Florida Pagan Gathering, they have dis-invited the Pagan pedophile-apoligists, Gavin & Yvonne Frost. The reason they did so, however, is not because they experienced a sudden bout of common decency, or even because of the many, many complaints they received at the hands of conscious Pagan people… but instead they did it because someone contacted the venue directly to let them know that FPG was going to host people who promoted pedophilia, and it understandably scared a lot of people.

While some supporters of FPG on their Facebook page have labeled this action as “unfortunate”, “wrong”, or “a low blow,” what I have learned from this as well as my personal experience in dealing with a sexual predator in my own tradition is that sometimes you have go outside of the cult in order to do what is right. Thank you to whomever contacted the venue and exposed what was going on to the public. While some fear that the “outsiders” will lash out against us because now we are all lumped together as supporters of pedophilia, I say, “Good”. Because apparently that’s what it takes to prevent sexual predators and those who enable them from harming our communities.

Shame on you Florida Pagan Gathering. There is no way in Heaven or Hell that you should have even *considered* hosting the Frosts. And shame on Gavin & Yvonne Frost for sticking by their disgusting teachings which they peddle to the members of their “Church and School of Wicca”.

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