I have returned from in between the worlds (OK, Ben Lomand, CA) where we held the the very first The Many Paths of Faery event. It was 4 days in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains at an amazing retreat space where RJ Stewart, Orion Foxwood, and myself joined forces to bring about a deeper awareness of and relationship to the Faery magic; the spiritual consciousness of the land that nourishes all things. I am honored to have been included with such esteemed company. While our three individual practices and traditions varied greatly, we each delved into that deep well that informs them all, to reveal  the heart of Faery, which is the same regardless of individual culture, language, or tradition: the deep magic that shines in the heart of the planet and binds all life together as kin. With poetry, ritual, practice, trance, music, and song, we called to the Shining Ones of the Undercountry to help us empower and renew our commitment to express the magic of Faery into the world and to be the very bridge between heaven and earth. I made some wonderful connections and learned a lot. Thank you Susan Diamond and Shimmering Wolf for organizing. I am certainly looking forward to doing it again next year!

The symbol of Fiona Macleod.
Recreated by Shimmering Wolf from “The Chronicles of the Sidhe” by Steve Blamires.