Today seems like an appropriate day to celebrate artistically with something akin to a same-sex marriage.

I have been tinkering around with making one of my poems into a song for awhile, and I came up with a musical arrangement for it. Mind you, I have no real idea what I’m doing… I have zero training and I used a crap microphone because Devin wasn’t home and I couldn’t find his. 😉  I tried to minimize that “tinny” sound that it has in places, but I think I need to probably re-record it in better conditions (as in: not with a $12 headset!) and I’m not doing that today. This amounts to a couple hours trying to teach myself GarageBand. So this is “as is”. So be kind. 😉

If there’s any interest I may try to record it for real sometime. But for now, this at least “gets it out there”. I present a queer love song of cosmic proportions: The Love of Kings. Enjoy!