tarot_15-DevilTHE DEVIL

With a lewd expression, the Devil draws our attention to his sex, obscured by the emblem of the physical plane: an inverted pentacle with the head of a goat. His wings remind us that he is indeed an angelic being; though fallen, out of love for humankind. In Christian mythos the Devil is something to be feared and rebuked, but older stories tell of how the devil fell not out of disobedience or egotism, but out of loyalty to the creator who had ordered him to never bow before anyone or anything, save God. The devil is a sexual being; he reminds us of our bestial nature, but he also carries with him a warning. For to delve too deeply into his mysteries can easily become a trap; the sensuality of the human experience can all too often bind us to our lower natures and keep us ignorant. The chains behind our randy devil evoke this sense of spiritual bondage, while the eye in the distance reminds us to keep ever vigilant, lest we too fall into the abyss of our own egos, and into the ignorance of societal conditioning.