Yet another addition to my Tarot project:

"The Empress" ©2005 Storm Faerywolf
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The Empress is the complete unfolding of the Divine Feminine; the powers of fertility, creation, and inspiration. She is the fecund earth, the primal womb of the stars. She is the flower that opens in innocence… yet she is not naive. Her foundation is that of the unconscious, symbolized by the crescent moon at her feet, and She is seen emerging from the cosmic sea; the primal waters of stellar creation. In the Feri tradition She is the Star Goddess in Her aspect of Mari, the Great Mother. Seven roses in the colors of the spectrum emerge from Her holy presence… representing beauty, openness, and completion. The red rose of sexual desire marks Her holy yoni; the great womb of creation, while the blue rose of mystery hides just out of reach behind Her. Those who approach Her with respect may yet grasp the rose… but deny Her power and risk drowning in the stellar waters of the abyss.

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