We’ve been talking a lot about politics and about the desperate state that this country is in (and indeed the whole world) thanks to the Bush administration.

We’re honestly living in a society that is just a shade away from fascism. With the passing of the PATRIOT act certain fundamental things have changed. No longer are those checks and balances in place that preserve our individual freedoms. The Bush administration has engaged in a systematic pattern of lies, deception, and illegal dealings in order to keep the populace in fear (Did someone say “Terror Alert”?), so that we will willingly give-up our civil-rights. Why would they do this? Because in doing so we make it easier for the administration to profit from their unjust war which, contrary to what CNN is saying, is not suddenly over just because of the much touted ‘transfer of power’.

“U.S. occupation officially ends in Iraq” (St. Louis Post Dispatch). How is this anything but a blatant lie, or a statement of extreme ignorance? It is being reported that the transfer of ‘sovereignty’ (a term which obviously means nothing to the Bush administration, as they so casually violated that sovereignty to begin with) marks the end of the occupation. Don’t be fooled, the occupation continues, it’s just getting better PR. We are still a military presence in Iraq, after all. We even have certain powers over what the new Iraqi government can and can not do. That sounds pretty occupied to me. Our soldiers are still working and dying over there. And for what? So that Bush and his buddies can set-up a puppet government in order to make more money for his oil company friends. But it’s all good ’cause we got rid of Saddam Hussein and he was a bad guy. It doesn’t matter if there weren’t any weapons of mass destruction… it doesn’t matter if we were sold this war on lies. We got the bad guy, and the end justifies the means. Well, that is unacceptable to me.

I went and saw Michael Moore‘s movie FAHRENHEIT 9/11 on Friday. It’s a very powerful film that includes some pretty damning footage of our fake-president and of the evils of the war on Iraq. It pretty much sums up what I have been feeling since the election was stolen in 2000. I encourage everyone to go see it. And then afterwards, if you haven’t already, register to vote.

I’ve also been listening to Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo, and Randy Rhodes on Air America. Great stuff. Check them out if they are on a station near you, and if they’re not, then you can listen to them live and streaming on the web via RealPlayer.

I’m hopeful that with these liberal rallying points in place then we can begin to organize and vote Bush out of office. We desperately need to put an end to his administration. There are plenty of problems with the Democratic Party, but I am encouraging others to vote for Kerry. We just can’t afford another 4 years of Bush politics.