Turn now to face the center. This is the place of culmination, of completion; a time beyond all times. Breathe deep and allow your consciousness to float freely in darkness. From the darkness emerges a yellow pentagram of light that settles in the East. You feel the air around you begin to swirl and change. A red pentagram settles in the South. A strange heat swells up around you. In the West, a blue pentagram takes hold. All around you feels smooth, like water. And finally, a green pentagram finds home in the North. Everything comes to a halt, and all around feels still, silent, and stable.

Breathe deep. You feel strands of energy stream from the pentagrams into your body. Feel the raw power. Feel the combined energy of the four elements enter and begin to change your Self. Call more of this energy into your body. Feel your power to Know, to make intelligent choices. Imagine the yellow pentagram glowing brighter. Feel your power to Will, to direct your true inner desire. Imagine the red pentagram glowing brighter. Feel your power to Dare, to feel the deepest emotions. Imagine the blue pentagram glowing brighter. Feel your power to keep Silent, to sit in stillness and listen when necessary. Imagine the green pentagram glowing brighter. When all four pentagrams are glowing brightly in your mind, say:

“Four elements in this place be, combined to call the fifth to me!”

Feel the energy flood your body; feel it flood your mind, your essence. All around you grows bright. The light begins to blind you until…

Breathe deep. You are floating in a bright place. Your feet dangle in nothingness. All around you is white; is light.
Breathe deep. You know that you can impose form on this place—you can bring it into being. As you breathe, shape begins to form. You stand now at a crossroads—the pentagrams hovering at the end of each road. Above you, and below, looms the nine pointed star of the Goddess! Three points for each: Maiden, Mother, Crone. Nine is the number of real change! In between all of these, you stand in the center.

Yours is the power to Go; to choose any road, or none at all. Yours is the power of Change. Feel the changes occurring within you. Feel the changes in your mind—a million thoughts chasing around per second! Feel the changes in your Will—your desires opening, renewing. Feel the changes in your emotions—swirling, flowing. Feel the changes in your body—cells dividing, tissues growing! Say:

“Hail Mother of All! Open the Gate that I may Change!”

Breathe deep. Remember changes that you have made in your life. They could be major changes or small. Remember how it felt to initiate change. You are a changer! Stretch out your arms and legs and call that feeling into your body with your voice:

(Allow yourself to sing or chant, raising energy.)

Notice where you feel it in your body. Imagine that feeling as a brilliant violet or white-rainbow light. With your breath, push that feeling—that light—into a ball in the center of your forehead. Feel the power of Change. Say:

“By the powers of Spirit!”

Imagine this power traveling downward to your right, leaving a trail of white vibrating fire, until it reaches your right foot, where it begins to glow a brilliant yellow. Feel your power to Know. Feel your mind and all its processes. Say:

“By the powers of Air!”

With your breath, imagine the power traveling to your left hand, where it glows a fiery red. Feel your power of Will. Say:

“By the powers of Fire!”

Send this energy over to your right hand and see it glow sapphire blue. Feel the power to Dare. Say:

“By the powers of Water!”

Send the power down to your left foot, and allow it to glow emerald green. Feel the power to keep Silent. Say:

“By the powers of Earth!”

Push the energy back up to your forehead, and see the energy again as a violet or white-rainbow light.

Moving the energy through your body with the pentagram helps to remove any blocks you may have.

Repeat the process several times, gaining speed each time. Remember to keep your breath rhythmic; slow and deep.

Absorb the pentagram into your body into a space just below your navel. Feel the powers of the elements within you. Notice how they are always at play in your life.

Return to normal awareness. It is done.