We have been working over the past year at the store (OK… well.. almost a year) to bring in more items from across the spectrum of diversity in terms of spiritual traditions. We have been bringing in a lot more Pagan and magical items, including hoodoo oils, herbs, incenses, candles, etc. And there is still more to come. But I can’t help thinking that perhaps the name of the store –Dolphin Dream– is a barrier to the more… um… well, discerning spiritual customer.

Well… we’ve thought a lot about it and now we are ready to announce that we are officially changing the name of the store. Please join me in a collective sigh of relief as we usher in the next 20 years of the East Bay’s spiritual supply destination:

The Mystic Dream

We’re still making changes here and there.. we need to get new signs on the building, and do all that… but we’re happy to make this change more official now. 

Let the mysticism begin. 🙂