So last night I went out on a date with my honey suthrnboyinca to go and see the Shakespeare play The Merry Wives of Windsor at the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda. We met up with dhuskins and missweezie (who own the really fantastic season ticket seats, i am told). It was a fabulous production, and quite surprising to me as it was portrayed mostly with puppets.


Yes… puppets. With some non-puppet actors.  But mostly puppets.

It was like watching a really cool live-action cartoon.

You can click here for more pictures from the production. And here for a preview video (Quicktime format).

We arrived and brought a nice picnic dinner of nibblies… crackers, cheese, salami, flatbread and hummus… (even some cantaloupe. Yum!) and of course, good wine. And some chocolate covered raspberry thingies. (I love chocolate covered thingies.) It was also one of their “tasting nights”, meaning that there was free foods (some type of delicious sausage, I can’t remember what kind) and, perhaps most importantly, FREE BEER. Now, I’m not usually a beer fan, but the Chocolate Stout wasn’t something that I could resist. Upon seeing that there were in fact two sizes of cups available at the beer booth,  missweezie asked the person serving the beer if you had to “be a good girl” to get the larger size. Needless to say we returned triumphant with large cups of beer. Thanks, Weezie! 🙂

It was a beautiful setting… the whole place is just nestled in the hills, and the weather last night was beautiful… not cold at all, which apparently was something of a fluke but one that I and my short sleeves (and shaved head) appreciated. It really was amazing… out underneath the stars, watching Shakespeare with a man I love and with new friends. I was in heaven.