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Hello, all… I just wanted to let everyone know that after much discussion between the teachers we have decided to open up eligibility for the upcoming Sex and Creation Feri Intensive to anyone who has worked with Feri, either with a teacher or on their own.

We realize that many of you have no access or connection to a Feri teacher and so have familiarized yourselves with traditional practices through available published materials. Since we sincerely doubt that those with just a passing interest in Feri will make the commitment (both in time and in money) for the proposed event, we have decided to allow everyone an opportunity to come and make connections with Feri teachers, and learn a little bit more about our path.

Because of this change in focus, we will now be offering choices of both foundational as well as intermediate and advanced workshops at the event.

Sex and Creation: an Anderson Feri Intensive
With Anaar, T. Thorn Coyle, Storm Faerywolf and Michele Jackson
May 4-7, 2006, Diana’s Grove, Missouri

Come and dance with the Gods on the ribbon of creation. Bask in the beauty of the Star Goddess and make love with the Divine Twins. Explore the paths of Sex and Creation in Feri with four powerful teachers from different lines of this potent tradition.

We will spend a magical three days and three nights on the beautiful Ozarks land of Diana’s Grove. Walk the labyrinth, eat delicious food, visit the sacred ritual groves and dip your feet into the rushing creek. Most of all, work Feri magic with other Feri practitioners. All who have worked with the Anderson Feri tradition (either alone or with a teacher) are invited to attend. Foundational classes, as well as intermediate and advanced, will be offered so as to accommodate all skill levels.

Mornings will consist of working with either Sex, taught by Anaar and Storm, or Creation, taught by Thorn and Michele. Afternoons there will be foundational to advanced workshops taught by individual teachers that reflect their specialties and their specific Feri Tradition knowledge. In the evenings, we will all gather together to work magic around a bonfire under the stars.

Are you ready? Enter the magic.

Cost is $285 for three days and nights of teaching, magic and food. Tenting space is available. Cabins are available for an extra fee. Diana’s Grove is a drug and alcohol free space. We ask that all participants respect this parameter.

Interested parties should contact Hyndla Kensdottir (at for registration inquiries.