I just updated my teaching schedule with three four six new events for the coming year:

Beginning with events I will be participating in
at Pantheacon 2008 (San Jose, CA):

Magical Ethics: Feri Tradition Perspectives
with various Feri initiates
Friday, Feb. 15
Location: Pantheacon: San Juan Room

A panel discussion on ethics in the Craft as understood and practiced by witches of the Feri Tradition. A discussion on the meaning of honor; warrior spirituality; ethics in practice; the Middle Road to Faery; Kala practice; healing and hexing, and more.

Ritual: Catching the Promethean Spark
with Feri Priests —
Doors Closed at Start
Sunday, Feb. 17
Location: Pantheacon: Fir Room

In this devotional Feri rite our intention is to catch the Promethean Fire of Creation and then pass it on. We will hear the lore of the gifts brought to us, dancing and singing in celebration of our inheritance and great promise. It is our hope that this ritual will spark the fire within us all, opening us to pass that spark to all that we touch and all that we do.

The Guardians of the Feri Tradition
with Storm Faerywolf — Doors Closed at Start
Monday, Feb. 18
Location: Pantheacon: Pine Room

An important aspect of various forms of witchcraft is working with discarnate beings. In the Feri tradition we work with many, but those known as the Watchers or Guardians are perhaps among the most important in terms of their impact on our personal evolution. We will discuss these ancient and mighty beings and then perceive them directly through invocation and simple ritual.

And now on to my regular schedule:

The Elements of Witchcraft
Fridays in May 2008 (2, 9, 16, 23, and 30)
Dolphin Dream, Walnut Creek, CA
$25/class, or $100 in advance for entire course

The powers that witches call upon are anything but supernatural. Through training we can learn to see beyond the limits of everyday reality, and begin to weave our own threads into the Pattern; to make magick. In this five week course we will open ourselves in trance and experience the five elemental powers of the magickal arts: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit, and discover how this ancient model can connect us to the land on which we live, and also to the deepest levels of ourselves. We will experience each of the elements in turn and see how they unfold in our lives, bringing us closer to balance, strength, and alignment to our power.

Feri Camp: Sex, Love and Power
New Hampshire
with T. Thorn Coyle, Storm Faerywolf, Michele Jackson, and Karina
June 2008

Details Forthcoming

Between the Worlds:
An Alternative Spiritual Gathering for Gay & Bi Men
Sept 9-14, 2008
In scenic Southeastern Ohio

Registration begins Mar 01, 2008
Registration ends Aug 17, 2008

Keynote Speaker: Storm Faerywolf
Musical Guest: Mac Apodaca of Sevenrepeat

As more details are finalized I will post more here.