I’ve been crazy busy with the store lately, and haven’t had any time to update my blog. Well… I don’t have time now either… but I did want to let everyone know about my new classes for this quarter.

All classes listed here are held at my store, The Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, CA. Click HERE for directions and more info.

Daemonic Magic: Attuning to your Higher Self
Sunday, March 8

Far from being a creature of evil influence, the Greek word “daimon” meant a tutelary spirit or one’s own higher spiritual nature. In traditional witchcraft it is often taught that a witch drew her powers from a daemon or “familiar spirit”. When connected to our own “Holy Daemon” we can uncover the ability to cast spells, increase life-force, and to quicken one’s spiritual evolution. Drawing from his training as a Feri priest, Storm will describe the process by which one can attune to their own daemonic nature, and then facilitate this connection using ritual and trance work.
Journey Into Faery
Sunday, March 15
Faery is a particular place within the underworld, that realm which mirrors our own. In some forms of the Faery-Faith it is said that part of our own soul exists there, connecting us to that place where the stars shine within the earth, and the ancestors dwell. Come and experience a trance journey into this twilight realm, and work with some of the faery beings connected to the land as we work to deepen our connection to the earth, to the shining lands, and to our fey nature.
Candle Magic: An Introduction to an Ancient Practice
Sunday, March 29
The use of candles in magic has a long and rich history. Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Ceremonial Magic and even Catholicism enjoy the use of candles as a means to bring about a desired result. We will learn how to choose and properly “dress” a candle for magical work, as well as different techniques for burning them for different purposes. Each participant will receive a 7 Day candle which will be dressed and charged for your particular purpose for you to burn at home.
Reiki I
Sunday, April 5, 3-6pm
and repeats: Sunday, April 19, 1-4pm
Normally, $100: This month only: $75
Reiki is an initiatory form of Japanese spiritual energy practice. A Reiki practitioner has been energetically attuned to channel a spiritually guided form of universal life-energy which facilitates the healing process and quickens spiritual evolution. Learn some of the history, as well as the practices of Reiki. Class will culminate in a Reiki Level One attunement, complete with certification.
Reiki II
Sunday, April 12
and repeats: Sunday, April 26
Normally $200, this month only: $150
A Reiki Level Two practitioner has had traditional symbols ritually placed into their energy-body, thus widening their channel for the Reiki life-force energy, and giving them special tools for working with the Reiki energy in deeper ways. This class will culminate in a Reiki Level Two attunement, complete with certification. Required: Please bring your Reiki Level One certificate in order to attend.
Reiki Magic
Sunday, April 19
Reiki is an initiatory form of Japanese spiritual energy practice that uses a spiritually guided form of universal life-force for healing and spiritual enlightenment. The energy utilized in Reiki, however, can be used in a myriad of ways including prayer, magic, and spellwork. We will learn how to use Reiki in order to make our magic more powerful, as well as how to increase our own capacity for holding and moving energy both safely and effectively. This class is open to all levels of Reiki practitioners, as well as those who have not had a Reiki attunement.
The Magic of Oils
Sunday, May 3
Different scents have long been recognized as being catalysts of spiritual power. Oils derived from plants contain the energetic essence of the plant spirit which can be petitioned to assist with ones spiritual practice, or practical needs through magic. In this class we will discuss and work with various oils from essential oils, to special traditional blends designed to bring about specific results. We will discuss various ways to employ oils in our spellwork, and each participant will blend an oil for their own magical purpose to take home and use.
Foundations of F(a)eri(e): The Three Souls
Sunday, May 10
Many cultures espouse the multiplicity of the human soul. From Polynesian Huna, to traditional Jewish & African beliefs, an awareness of our three souls has manifested in many ways through time. Modern spiritual systems often recognize and encourage communion with our “higher self”, but this is but one of the facets of our existence. In this class we will explore the three souls as taught in the Feri tradition of witchcraft and learn how to commune with each of them in order to bring them into alignment, assisting us in one of the most vitally important foundational steps toward our own spiritual evolution.
Foundations of F(a)eri(e): The Iron Pentacle
Sunday, May 17
The Iron Pentacle is one of the most important tools of self-transformation that the Feri tradition has to offer. In this class we will delve into each of the five points of Sex, Pride, Self, Power, and Passion, to see how they play out in our lives, as well as invoke this symbol in ritual to see how and where we are in or out of balance so that we may then begin to reclaim our lost power.
Protection Magic
Sunday, May 24
There are times in everyone’s life in which we feel the need to “pull in” and protect ourselves. Proficiency in the techniques of magical protection is an essential tool for anyone, but especially for the sorcerer, magician, or witch. We will discuss various time-honored methods for employing magic to protect ourselves, our families, and our homes, and will experience various energetic exercises to achieve this goal. Class will culminate in a ritual to create a protective talisman for you to take home.
Spiritual Cleansing
Sunday, May 31
Purification rituals are a common theme in practically every spiritual and religious tradition that has graced our planet over the ages. Far from being a moral judgment, “being pure” refers to “being ourselves, and nothing else”; that state in which we are free of the entanglements of others, as well as aligned with our own divine presence. We will discuss different traditional methods to spiritually cleanse ourselves and our environment, and will experience different energetic and magical exercises to achieve this result.
Ongoing Offerings:
Each month I am happy to be a part of the following regular events:
F(a)eri(e) Tradition Open Circle:
with Chas Bogan, Puck D. Coyote, and Storm Faerywolf
2nd Friday of each month
Donations to help pay for the space will be accepted but are not required.
Feri is a unique manifestation of traditional witchcraft that encourages power, will, and personal connection with the divine. All are welcome: Initiates, students, and interested seekers. Come and join us for an evening of BlueRose style Feri ritual as we align our souls, open the crossroads, and peer into the Outer Darkness to see what treasures may be hidden there.
Please bring a small food-item to share.
Reiki Share with Chas Bogan and Storm Faerywolf
Every 1st Saturday of the Month
New Time: 5-7pm
Suggested $5 – $10 sliding scale donation.
No one turned away for lack of funds.
Reiki is a traditional form of energy healing. Come and experience a mini spiritual-healing session with local Reiki practitioners, or come and practice your own Reiki skills. Network with others in the area in an environment that is fun, safe, and uplifting, or just come to watch and learn about this powerful healing modality. Open to all levels of Reiki practitioners, as well as those who have not yet been attuned to Reiki.
Chas Bogan and Storm Faerywolf are Reiki Master/Teachers and the owners of The Mystic Dream. They have each been practicing Reiki for over 10 years and are happy to offer both attunements and Reiki sessions at the store by appointment. For more information please call the shop at 925-933-2342.
The Brotherhood of the Satyr: A Queer Men’s Pagan Circle
4th Saturday of Every Month, beginning March 28
Donations accepted but not required
Join us for an evening of connection, storytelling, and magic as we come together as men-who-love-men who follow the spiritual paths of the earth. Together we will invoke the Queer Gods, inviting their blessings upon us so that we might mirror that light to each other, and into the world. Open to all men-who-love-men who are called to celebrate Pagan spirituality in a queer-male specific setting.

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