You were the one who surprised my heart.
I didn’t know that I was searching for you…
Yet now my heart has found yours.
And as you travel far away,
I remember looking into your eyes and getting lost…
All day those eyes would haunt me
until I spoke to you and told you
how much you meant to me.
I remember…
Touching your body was a delight that I savor
in my mind where it lasts forever.
The taste of your kiss sent me swirling,
into liquid bliss covered with light,
shimmering from the heart of love.
Remember me, is all I ask,
and think of me fondly when you do.
Remember the short time we had together
and know that you are loved.
And if the Fates decide we shall love again,
I’ll rejoice in their wisdom and follow my heart.
And if they decide that our paths no longer cross,
I’ll remember you fondly, and in my heart
will keep you