Well I’m sitting here sick (again) and feeling kind of useless. Between the fever, chills, sweating, aching, and coughing, I’ve been filling my time sleeping and watching reruns of The West Wing. But I figured that, if nothing else, I could take a moment to shamelessly plug our business…

Many of you know that my partner Chas (chas_bogan) and I created the online store, Carnivalia. In addition to the dolls, puppets, hats, and sculpture that Chas creates for the store, we also have a selection of tiles, boxes, paintings, prints, altar pentacles, and Talkingboards (a la Ouija) that we design together.

Right now on auction at eBay, we have a #1, signed and numbered board I designed titled, “Elven Star”. It’s a simple design that is reminiscent of antique talkingboards and utilizes the symbolism of the seven-pointed star, sometimes called the Elven or Faery star. (Click link for more information.) Auction ends Sunday, 1:18pm Pacific.

Rest assured that if you win this auction you will not catch my cold, as all I did was design it in Photoshop. Chas does all the craft work so your board will come to you delightfully germ free. 🙂