Join the (R)evolution…

Finally: a book on the Craft that offers the keys to an advanced magickal practice.

Far more than the garden variety Witchcraft book which offers the same rehashed information ad infinitum, in this much anticipated work, author and priestess T. Thorn Coyle reveals many of the spiritual tools from the Feri tradition of Witchcraft as a means toward personal transformation.

“Evolutionary Witchcraft” amounts to a training manual for those who are interested in developing their own Divine potential. Using tools from one of the most potent and mysterious traditions of Witchcraft being practiced today, Thorn is able to offer the reader much more than is generally available currently on the subject of the Craft, focusing less on simple spells and esoteric symbolism, and more on practical techniques designed to allow the practitioner to develop their own spirit, as well as to strengthen their magickal power.

Using spiritual practice as a means toward personal evolution, Thorn is able to guide the reader through a series of self-examining exercises which are as simple as they are powerful.

For those practitioners of the Craft who yearn for something more, then “Evolutionary Witchcraft” is for you. For those interested specifically in learning more about the Feri tradition then there is no better book on the subject than this. Covered Feri topics include:

  • Casting the Feri Circle/Sphere
  • The Iron and Pearl Pentacles
  • The Three Souls
  • Working with the Elements and the Guardians
  • Working with the Gods of Feri
  • The Black Heart of Innocence
  • …and much more.

Author T. Thorn Coyle is a holder of the Black Wand of the Master, a title recognized by some lines of the Feri tradition and bestowed upon her by one of Feri’s founders, Cora Anderson. A Feri and Reclaiming priestess, as well as accomplished poet, dancer, and singer, she teaches internationally on the spiritual tools of Feri Witchcraft as well as in spiritual political activism. This is her first book.