It’s been a long time since I have written. Life as a store owner has been far busier than I could have imagined, though despite the stresses of covering shifts and hiring people whom I hope I can trust, I am still loving every bit of it. We really have transformed that place. We’re both really proud of what we have done with it.

In other news, I just got back from Austin, TX where I basically taught a “Feri Boot Camp”. The theme was “A Journey into F(a)eri(e)” and was an all day event. We started with the basics: grounding, breath, alignment… then moved into the Iron and Pearl Pentacles, then we began some work with the elements. We do a lot of work with inner temples in our line, so we did trance work there before discussing and invoking the Guardians, the Goddesses, and the Elemental Beasts. (I’m working on an article about working with all three of the Elemental Beings that goes into how they relate to the Three Worlds of folkloric faery. Stay tuned!) after that we did work with our own fetch-beasts and then finally a journey into the faery realm of the underworld in order to work with the Queen and King, and to make a faery contact. A lot of work for one day, but it felt right to do, and it was well recieved.

Day two was for more long term students and focused on the Divine Twins. We connected to them as fear/lust/life-force and aspiration/love/spirit; the red serpent and the blue dove. We experienced them merging within ourselves and becoming the Peacock God, Melek Ta’us. Later we journeyed again into the faery realm to meet the Queen and King again, this time knowing them as a particular manifestation of the Divine Twins, and doing some more personal work with them. Again, I think that it was well received, and that people got something out of it.

And now I am back… at home resting, preparing some materials for next month’s Feri Camp, which should be awesome (as always). I’m really looking forward to seeing some old friends again, as well as to make some new ones.