Have you always wanted to practice the spiritual healing art known as Reiki?

You can learn how to be a conscious channel of this spiritually guided form of life energy. Through brief instruction and the performance of a ceremony called an “attunement,” you can begin your journey and become a certified Reiki practitioner.

For a limited time*, you can get all three levels of Reiki for just $400.

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What You Get:

Each of the three levels of Reiki will be given during a one-hour Zoom session in which I will guide you through a relaxation exercise and then perform the necessary attunement (ceremony), after which time you will be a Reiki practitioner of the corresponding level. Additional sessions (at no extra charge) may be required to administer the tests for the Master/Teacher level. You will receive additional Zoom links for these sessions at the end of our first and second sessions together.

REIKI LEVEL ONE  (A $100 value)
This is an entry-level class. No prior knowledge or experience is required.

History of Reiki
Basic Concepts
Reiki I Attunement & certificate
PDF of my Reiki One Manual, Awakening the BlueLotus

REIKI LEVEL TWO  (A $200 value)

Reiki Symbols
Advanced Practices
Reiki II Attunement & certificate
PDF of my Reiki Two Manual, Becoming the BlueLotus

REIKI LEVEL THREE (Master/Teacher; a $500 value) 

Master Symbols
Attunement Practices
Reiki III Attunement (Certificate given after the passing of the written tests.)
PDF of my Reiki Three Manual, Mastering the BlueLotus

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