I. Just. Can’t. Even.

This is nothing less than a NATIONAL EMERGENCY. With the help of a foreign power, we elected an *actual fascist*. He has *proven* that he will not help all Americans by his appointments alone. White nationalism cannot be allowed to take control of our country. This CANNOT STAND. I will NOT “get over it”. This is NOT NORMAL and I will not pretend that it is.

What can be done? Keep speaking out. Keep disrupting the status quo. Use every opportunity to dissent and then create even more. Use magic. Write letters. Join protests. Remind people every day that Emperor Orange does not represent America. Do what you can to support Muslims, refugees, women, trans people, and people of color. Become the person you always fantasized you would be in dark times, because those times are upon us now. Remain peaceful if possible, but do what you need to protect yourself. Rise up! Be heard! We are the resistance. We will not be denied. #NotMyPresident