Items Used:
black candle
sea salt
sage or other purifying herb, such as rosemary
a small sturdy stone
nine needles from a cactus
a cauldron (or other container that can hold candle wax and herbs)

Ground and center. Hold the candle in both hands while focusing on your fear. Take at least three deep breaths and allow the feeling of your fear to flow into the candle. If there is nothing specific to protect from then simply focus on a feeling of being protected. When you have achieved this feeling and you have allowed it to flow completely into the candle, place the candle in the cauldron.

Now take some salt and make a ring around the candle three times clockwise while chanting the following:

“Three times around,
three times about,
evil is bound,
evil stays out.”

Burn some of the sage or rosemary as an incense. Allow the smoke to waft over you. Grasp your stone. You will be holding it throughout the rest of this spell. Feel how solid it is, how sturdy. Allow that feeling to permeate you. Feel strong. Revel in this sensation.

When you are feeling particularly strong, light the candle and say:

“Pillar of light,
dispersing the shadow,
consuming adversity,
protecting my destiny.”

Feel how the black candle (that which threatens you) is being consumed by the light of the flame (your power). Place the nine cactus needles in the cauldron, along with a pinch of your purifying herb. Place the stone in the cauldron and allow the candle to burn down completely. When this is done the stone can then be removed and carried as a protective amulet. If any of the cactus needles have survived intact then you should bury them somewhere around your home (even if it is in a potted plant indoors!). This will provide a protective aura to be erected around your living space.

©2000 Storm Faerywolf